Monticello Preparatory schedules many activities throughout the year for our students and their families alike. Don’t miss our video, below!

Holiday Parties: Like most schools, students at Monticello enjoy seasonal and holiday parties including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and May Day and Promotion.

One of our student’s favorites is our authentic Thanksgiving Day Feast. Students dress as Pilgrims and Indians and enjoy historical foods. Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to show off our lovely manners at our annual Valentine’s Day Cotillion. At Easter we enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt. DSCN1494


Family on the Town Events: Each year families join together to socialize at functions such as a back-to school Hollywood Bowl Concert. At Christmas we celebrate with a Breakfast with Santa Party that takes place at the beautiful Tournament Players Club, TPC. Both Santa and Mrs. Santa are guests and enjoy the morning with students and families. Parents also plan an overnight Field Trip week-end that takes place in the Spring. Last year we visited Dana Point, went on a Whale Watch, visited Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Ocean Institute.

First Friday Pizza Night: Families gather together for pizza and fun on the First Friday evening of each month. Booster Club activities are announced and discussed at this time.

Concerts and Plays: Students perform in our Fall Festival that includes both musical performances and plays. In the Spring we alternate between either our Shakespeare Festival or a musical play. It has become a Monticello custom to attend A Christmas Carol at Glendale Center Theater.

Science Faire: Our Science Fair takes place in January. This is a school wide event and almost 100% of students participate.

Valentine’s Day Cotiilion or Spring Tea Party: A fun-filled opportunity for Monticello students to practice and to show off their very nice manners and social skills. A family favorite; parents love to invite grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins–the whole family–to join in on this very much loved event.

Tennis Tournament: Monticello Preparatory School hosts the SCV Junior Novice Open Tennis Tournament each Spring.

Youth Rennaissance Faire: Family fun, games, music, dance, plays, artists, great food, visits from Queeen Elizabeth, William Shakespeare and more.

Field Trips: Monticello students enjoy approximately two field trips per month. All field trips are designed to supplement classroom studies. Younger students stay close to home, visiting local sights such as Rancho Camulos, Placerita Canyon, Hart Park, the f\Fire Department and Vasquez Rocks. Older students are treated to trips to the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Observatory, The Science Center, Getty Villa and the La Brea tar Pits, to name only a few. Parents really enjoy participating in our field trips.

Promotion Ceremony Our annual Promotion Ceremony can only be described as beautiful.  It has become a much loved and anticipated  Monticello Preparatory School tradition.