Monticello School honors talent and ability across all disciplines and believes such talents must be encouraged and developed. For this reason Art, Music, Theatre Arts, and Film classes are included as part of our curriculum…they are not regarded as extra-curricular or after school clubs.


We at Monticello regard ourselves as an Arts Emphasis school. Through Art, Music and Theater Appreciation classes, an important component of the Core Knowledge Sequence, our students learn to identify the works of historically recognized, classical and modern visual artists, composers and playwrights.  Monticello School students enjoy drawing, painting and sculpture lessons; they learn to read music, to sing, to dance and to play instruments.  Musical concerts, dance recitals, theatrical productions and exhibits of art work are presented regularly throughout the year. Students also work on film projects and learn technical aspect of film production.


All of this is accomplished under the guidance of tremendously talented and experienced Professional Artist Instructors.