Faith and Ethics

Monticello is a Christian based school. Morning Chapel and prayers begin each day.  The Core Knowledge Curriculum Biblical Literacy component ensures students a solid foundation in Scripture.  All school policies are based upon Christian traditions.

At Monticello Preparatory School, it is our most profound hope and deepest responsibility as educators, to send students into the world who possess an ethical character and virtuous nature. Morals and values such as integrity, kindness, empathy, honesty, courage, fairness, determination, responsibility, self discipline, citizenship and respect are emphasized in every class, every day.  Monticello Preparatory School teaches ethical character development through Michael Josephson’s “Institute of Ethics” and its “Character Counts” program for youth. These character traits are emphasized through Biblical example.  We consider Chapel, and the Biblical Literacy and  Character Counts programs to be the back bone of our school’s kind, respectful, ethical culture.

Our deep and strong faith is unshaken as we fearlessly explore science and logic as well as scripture. As followers of Jesus Christ, Monticello Preparatory School is a Christian school that embraces the many miracles of Science. We do not find the study of Scripture incompatible with the study of Science.