Flexible Grouping

At Monticello Preparatory School we believe that each student is entitled to a customized education based upon that student’s talents, abilities and achievement level. In order to ensure such an individualized education, class size is kept to a minimum. The ratio of students to teacher is kept at 10:1 or lower. This small learning environment allows for the flexibility that makes a customized education possible.

Students follow a mastery system of learning, which encourages the completion of their studies to 100% comprehension before moving on to the next level of instruction.

Rather than limiting a student’s potential for growth and development based solely upon “grade” or chronological age, when a student does achieve the mastery level of understanding in any particular subject, that student is free to advance to the next level of instruction in that subject, even if this occurs during the school calendar year. We believe that students benefit from attending flexibly grouped classes that are comprised of students of the same achievement level, but sometimes of varying ages. For example, a seven year old student who excels in mathematics, might be placed in the “Level 2” for reading (with other seven year olds), but in the “Level 3” (with eight year olds) for mathematics.