Hall of Fame Graduates

These students are typical of students who have graduated from Monticello Preparatory School and have proceeded on to illustrious High School careers.

Gattlin Griffith

Gattlin Griffin

Gattlin is a well known and respected American child actor. He is best known for appearances in films such as  Changling, directed by Clint Eastwood, playing Angelina Jolie’s son, and Labor Day playing Kate Winslett’s son, among many other film and television productions.

He is also a dedicated and disciplined student earning a 4.0 as a Monticello Prep School student. Gattlin was accepted to a prestigious Los Angeles private High School with Honors at Admissions in 2013, where her continues to excel in his studies.

While at Monticello Gattlin participated in several local sports leagues. He was named Most Valuable Player of his  football team (that went all the way to state finals.) He was also named MVP of his soccer team. Gattlin is also a fourth generation competitive Equestrian.

A young man of fine character, Gattlin was admired by Monticello students for his leadership, kindness,  scholarship and sportsmanship.

Jenny Cranert 


Jenny has recently been designated a Senior Honor Scholar at West Ranch High School where she maintains a  4.2 GPA and remains in the top 10% of her graduating class of almost 800 students.  As a Senior Honor Scholar, she will wear a gold cap and gown at her graduation ceremony in recognition of her accademic accomplishments.

Jenny played Varsity Tennis for her Junior and Senior Year. At her Tennis Awards Banquet she received the Sportsmanship Award “In Recognition of Outstanding Qualities of Honesty, Ethical Behavior, Fair Play, Respect for Competitors, Schools, Teammates, and Coaches.”

She also participates in the Advanced Theater Program.  She will be attending Pepperdine University.