Magnificent Results

When parents enroll their child at a particular school, they are looking forward to seeing hopes and dreams for their child fulfilled. At Monticello Preparatory School our philosophy of education, our programs, our limited class size,  and the resultant safe, nurturing, well-rounded, customized learning environment have enabled us to grow a school that has been described as idyllic. The resulting successes achieved by Monticello Preparatory School students have been no less than amazing.

Over the years, Monticello Preparatory School standardized test scores have been remarkably high. Generally, our test scores are in the top 10% in the United States. Even more impressive, over 50% of our students test in the top 2% of the United States.  We believe our outstanding standardized test scores are the combined result of our limited class size, our superior, dedicated faculty,our distinguished well-rounded curriculum and our innovative expanded day.

Students have also attained wonderful achievements and have been recognized  in sports, in the arts  and  for their outstanding citizenship and contributions to their communities.

As a result, Monticello Preparatory School graduates receive distinctions such as  having been enrolled with “Honors at Acceptance” at prestigious private high schools, and as “Senior Honor Scholars” upon graduation from their high schools. Whether attending private or public high schools, Monticello Preparatory School graduates enjoy very successful high school careers which have included exceptional GPA’s, Varsity Sports and  Advanced Arts programs. Monticello Preparatory School stiudents have also been recognized throughout their high school experiences as admired, respected and well-liked members of their high school communities.  See our Hall of Fame page for examples of successful Monticello Preparatory Graduates.

(Monticello is fully accredited through 12th grade. Plans are in place to implement its own complete High School program within a few short years.)