Quick Facts

A Fully Accredited Christian School

  • Master Academicians Teach Specialized Subject Matter: State Credentialed, Nationally Certificated, Experienced,Master’s degree or higher- All Faculty Graduated from University with Honors
  • Named “Best K-12 School” and “Favorite Private School” by Los Angeles Dailey News
  • Prestigious,  Award Winning ” Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum” (TM): Developed by nationally acclaimed educator,  E.D. Hirsch – Proven by numerous independent studies to accelerate student achievement
  • Typical Standardized Test Scores in the top 10 percent of U.S.  Historically 50% of Monticello students test in top 2 percent of U.S.
  • Professional Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Sports Lessons taught by Professional Experts in each field- Program classes include: Music, Dance, Theater, Film, Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Tennis, Golf, Ice Skating, Horseback Riding
  • On average two major Field Trips per month to support classroom studies
  • Latin, Spanish and French taught beginning at the Primary School level
  • Limited size, Flexibly Grouped Classes…Student / Teacher Ratio 10:1 or less
  • Emphasis upon Christian Character Development…Chapel, Biblical Literacy and “Character Counts” Program daily.
  • Computer Literacy and 21st Century Skills incorporated throughout the Curriculum
  • “Expanded Day” Program
  • Daily Study Hall, Tutoring and Homework Supervision-Students complete assignments at School
  • USTA School of Tennis for Youth
  • L.A. County’s only Elementary School with Horseback Riding Program
  • Competitive, “Everything Included” tuition policy