Science, Technology and Math

Science, Math and Technology are an integral and important aspect of a Monticello education. The Core Knowledge Sequence Science and Math components are second to none. Students begin studying science as soon as they enter the Kindergarten level, studying Biology, Anatomy and Meteorological Phenomina (Weather) and continuing on in an age appropriate sequence throughout their academic career. By the time students reach Level Eight students have studied topics such as Ecology, Energy, Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Astronomy, Biology, Anantomy and Physiology. Students participate in numerous hands on experiments and studies that emphasize the scientific method of study.

Science field trips include annual trips to the Los Angeles Science Center, trips to the Los Angeles County Arboretum, The Los Angeles Zoo, The Orange County Ocean Institute, JPL, Cal Tech, Edwards Air Force Base and NASA, The Griffith Observatory to name only a few.

Students begin studying mathematics at the very earliest levels and progressively study Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.
Our block scheduling of classes provides for no less than five hours per week dedicated to both math and science classes alike.
All classrooms contain plenty of computers that are used to bring twent-first century technological skills into the educational realm of all academic subjects.