Monticello Preparatory School is proud to offer one of the most exciting sports programs in Santa Clarita. Our Athletic Director is dedicated to ensuring that Monticello students are fit and healthy. Sportsmanship, along with a fun-loving, character building competitive spirit, constitute the heart of our sports program. Students participate in sports such as Horseback Riding, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Ice Skating, Basketball and Softball.

Since we are located in the heart of the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley, surrounded by tranquil ranch country, it is only natural that many of our students are avid equestrians. We are very happy to provide equestrian activities that include horse back riding lessons and the development of horsemanship skills at Monticello. Through a partnership with Wildwood Canyon Equestrian Center, Monticello students are able to enjoy these classes as a component of our Physical Education program.


We also offer a United States Tennis Program Association program. The Monticello Preparatory School USTA Tennis School for Youth, is especially designed for young Tennis players, ages 5 through 14. Students progress according to their skills level, attend and participate in USTA Tournaments and are instructed by USTA certified Tennis Pros.  Our goal is to see our tennis players earn USTA ranking and play varsity tennis at the high school and college level, leading to college scholarships. We host the annual Monticello Preparatory School Santa Clarita Valley Junior Tennis Invitational each Spring.

Monticello is a member of the SCV Private Schools League. The  Monticello Preparatory School Golf Team are current League Champions. Monticello Girls took first and second place in Individual Competition. We have consistently achieved top rankings in these competitions. Golf lessons take place at Vista Valencia Golf Course.

Our exciting and fun filled sports program also includes ice skating lessons, soccer, track, and basketball, coached by enthusiastic, talented and experienced Sports Pros, not parent volunteers.

Monticello students are transported off campus so that their Sports programs are presented in a setting that best suits the activity. For instance, Equestrian lessons take place at Wildwood Equestrian Center. Our students receive the very best lessons and coaching available. These are the same lessons that can be quite expensive when taken separately from Monticello. Yet, these classes are included as Physical Education classes at no additional cost to parents.