Limited Class Size

7:1 student teacher ratio    No more than twelve students to a classroom

Quality educators around the globe recognize that “smaller is better.”  In the U.S. student- teacher ratios at private schools are generally 10:1 or less. At Monticello we take this principle a step further by limiting class size to no more than twelve students. At other schools a class may hold as many as 28-30 students and still claim a 10:1 student teacher ratio by assigning a teacher and a couple of aids to the class. However, Monticello believes that more than twelve students in a classroom results in so much commotion and chaos that the entire point of the student teacher ratio is defeated. Classrooms at Monticello are calm, focused learning environments that are conducive to the most engaged learning possible.

MonticelloLOGOCRESTSuperior Faculty

All faculty members at Monticello Preparatory School have graduated from their universities in the top ten percent of their graduating classes. They have all been awarded Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude status. They have all earned a Master’s Degree or a PhD.  They are experienced, seasoned professionals. Obviously these excellent educators could have chosen any number of other professions. They could have become attorneys, doctors, or CPAs. However, they chose Education because of their love of children and their passion for this profession. They take great pride in their work, in the academic achievement of their students and in the well-rounded, highly esteemed education that Monticello provides.

MonticelloLOGOCRESTGold Standard Curriculum

Monticello Preparatory School offers the distinguished Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum (TM).  Educators throughout the United States look to this curriculum as the Gold Standard of elementary school curricula.

The Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum (TM) has been proven to dramatically accelerate both student achievement and enjoyment of learning, as documented in more than a thousand Core Knowledge (TM) schools across the country. No other curriculum in the United States has been as thoroughly researched and vetted by independent organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, various school districts and private schools throughout the U.S., as has the Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum.

This is a specific, coherent and cumulative curriculum that outlines what every child should learn from Kindergarten through the Eighth grade. This rigorous curriculum provides age appropriate study of Western as well as World civilizations and their arts and sciences, including Literature, Visual Art, Music, Theater, American and World History, Social Studies, Geography, and Science, in addition to Reading, Writing and Mathematics

The highly revered creator of the Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum, E. D. Hirsch, professor emeritus of Education and Humanities at the University of Virginia, is the 2012 recipient of the Conant Education Commission of the States Award from Harvard University. This is an extremely prestigious award within the national education community. The award acknowledges individuals who have made great contributions to American Education. Hirsch served on the Advisory Board of the U.S. Department of Education. Hirsch has been awarded several fellowships and honors, including the Fulbright Fellowship (1955), the Morse Fellowship (1960), the Guggenheim Fellowship (1964), the Explicator Prize (1965), the NEA Fellowship (1970), the NEH Senior Fellowship (1971-71), the Wesleyan University Center for the Humanities Fellowship (1973), the Princeton University Fellowship in the Humanities (1977), and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences Fellowship at Stanford University (1980–81).

Hirsch has received honorary degrees from Rhodes College and Williams College and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is a board member of the Albert Shaker Institute.

MonticelloLOGOCRESTBreath-taking Standardized Test Scores

Historically, Monticello Preparatory School standardized test scores have been very high. Generally, our test scores are in the top 10% in the United States. Even more impressive, over 50% of our students test in the top 2% of the United States.  We believe our outstanding standardized test scores are the combined result of our limited class size, superior faculty, distinguished curriculum and our innovative expanded day.

MonticelloLOGOCRESTStudy Hall

Monticello Preparatory School students are privileged to attend Study Halls supervised by their classroom teachers each school day. What would be considered homework at other schools is completed during Study Hall by Monticello Students. At Monticello, teachers are ready to assist students with challenging homework, ensuring that important educational concepts are grasped. Study Hall supervised by professional educators also ensures that assignments are completed efficiently. By completing assignments while at school, students are freed from time consuming, tedious, confusing homework, as in other schools.


MonticelloLOGOCRESTThe Expanded Day

At Monticello two career families are able to rest assured that their children are well supervised from 3-6 PM daily by professional educators as part of the school’s curriculum. Many educators, including Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, are calling for this cutting edge model of instruction. The expanded day program at Monticello fulfills a need expressed by Mr. Duncan, “Those hours [after] 3 o’clock are times of high anxiety for working parents.They want their children safe.” The expandeded day does away with need for parents to secure “after school care,” (that is often supervised by college students or non-credentialed “educational aids”) and transportation to such programs. Monticello students remain with their classroom teachers throughout the day.

In addition to Academics and Study Hall, the expanded day provides the time necessary for Monticello students to enjoy  Music lessons, Visual Arts lessons, Acting and Theater lessons, Horseback Riding, Tennis, Golf and Ice Skating lessons along with additional team sports such as Soccer and Softball.

Duncan advised the Associated Press, “Young people in other countries are going to school 25, 30 percent longer than our students here. The challenges of a new century demand more time in the classroom.” He believes that in order for American students to remain globally competitive Americans need the expanded school day.

(If necessary, students may opt out of the expanded day through special arrangement with the school. However, students will then miss certain lessons and activities.)

MonticelloLOGOCRESTArts Emphasis Magnet School

Monticello Preparatory School encourages students to pursue their artistic talents. Students are encouraged to view their talents in these areas as potential career choices, not just hobbies. The school provides classes in Music, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Theater and Film that are taught by practicing professionals in each field who are also experienced instructors. Students are provided a multitude opportunities to observe  professionals at work. Students enjoy field trips to venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, The Glendale Center Theater, The Los Angeles Music Center and Disney Hall to experience complete professional musical and theatrical productions. A day visiting the Getty Villa or The Norton Simon Museum inspires student understanding of various art forms. In addition to actual performance and hands on arts skills, students learn the “theory” behind these art forms in order to be able to understand and intelligently “think” about how the Arts impact their lives and our culture enabling them to become truly creative, inventive individuals.

MonticelloLOGOCREST.V2USTA Tennis School for Youth

United States Tennis Association 8 and Under Quick Start Tennis

United States Tennis Association 10 and Under Junior Tennis

United States Tennis Association 14 and Under Junior Tennis

Our Tennis School for Youth operates in partnership with the United States Tennis Association to develop tennis players who will earn USTA ranking and will play on Varsity Teams when they reach high school and college. Monticello students participate in U.S.T.A. Junior Tennis Tournaments on a regular basis. Long considered the “Game of Kings,” is it any wonder that Monticello would embrace a game with such an honorable history? We begin instructing students in this great sport when they first enter the school at age five. It is our most sincere hope and goal that our students will earn USTA ranking and become recipients of college scholarships as a result of skills and abilities gained through Monticello’s USTA School of Tennis for Youth.

MonticelloLOGOCREST Safety and Security

Monticello is deeply committed to protecting each student in attendance at the school. The entire faculty is dedicated to safeguarding your child throughout the school day. Safety measures and security systems are in place to ensure that your child is never placed in harm’s way. Only the most well trained and competent professionals oversee the care and safekeeping of Monticello students.

MonticelloLOGOCRESTThe Thinking Family’s Christian School

We take an intellectual’s approach to our study of the Bible. We realize that the rich, poetic language of the Bible offers many levels of understanding and is open to many interpretations and explanations.  Our strong faith is unshaken as we fearlessly explore Science and Logic and Scripture. As followers of Jesus Christ, Monticello Preparatory School is a Christian School that embraces the many miracles of Science. We view modern day medicine as God’s hand at work. We do not find the study of Science incompatible with the study of Scripture.