USTA School of Tennis for Youth

United States Tennis Association Quick Start 8 and Under
United States Tennis Association 10 and Under, Novice, Junior Tennis
United States Tennis Association 14 and Under, Novice, Junior Tennis

Our School of Tennis for Youth operates in partnership with the United States Tennis Association and is especially designed for young tennis players, ages 5 through 14.  It is a commonly held belief that in order to become truly competitive in any sport, it is important to begin at an early age. We begin instructing students in this great sport when they first enter the school at age five. Students are instructed by USTA certified Tennis Pros and progress according to their skills level.
Students who earn a position on our Tennis Team participate in USTA  Junior and Junior Novice Tennis Tournaments. Our goal is to see our tennis players earn USTA rankings and play varsity tennis at the high school level, leading to college scholarships. We host the annual Monticello Preparatory School Santa Clarita Valley Junior Tennis Invitational each Spring.